WiFi In The High Sky, JetBlue

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On Tuesday, JetBlue will be the first airline to offer free Internet while on board the flights.  This will allow passengers to use Email and Instant Messaging on their handhelds while during flight.  JetBlue announces this move during a competitive season, it should make a few people consider changing flights for the holidays.

Unfortunately the service is limited (you knew that was coming, right?) to Yahoo! Mail, Messenger and Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerrys for BB mail and messenger services.  Just makes you wonder if you should change services just to take advantage of this. 

Typically while in flight, it gives you a great reason NOT to work, until you land.  Will this have others upset instead of excited about such a great step? 

JetBlue was already known for providing free wireless in the airports, unlike some carriers that charge for the use.  Good thing for JetBlue is that they can sell this service to other carriers, since they own the operations rights.

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