Ugears Dragon: The Best Christmas Gift For Creative Children

The hobby of collecting 3d puzzles for adults and children is gaining in popularity. These highly detailed and well-designed wooden puzzles are increasingly common on store shelves. Let's take a look at one of UGears mechanical models - the mighty Dragon.

The thoroughly detailed mechanical puzzle

Thanks to the original design, all the moving elements of Ugears dragon, as well as all other UGears wooden model kits for adults, can be seen at work. The mechanical heart of Ugears’ mechanical puzzle is the rubbermotor. You can see the handle on the dragon's belly, which activates the mechanism. The principle of operation is the same as that of the famous musical instrument hurdy gurdy, you just have to turn the knob. By twisting the handle, you tighten the elastic band. The stretched rubber band is secured with a lever. By releasing the lever, you release the rubber band, and it begins to move, thereby setting the entire mechanism in motion. Dragon is a very movable model - paws, tail, wings, it all starts to move.

Wings - highlighting feature among other wooden puzzles


However, let's go back to looking at the wings. The wings of the model deserve special attention. They consist of many elements. Each of these elements is filigree made of high-quality plywood. The entire wing assembly is covered with a paper "webbing" which in its design resembles a real dragon's wing. The movement of the wings is fascinating. They move synchronously and imitate the prodigious motion of the wings. I can't even believe that this could be realized in a wooden model.

The set consists of

  • Dragon parts;
  • Stand parts;
  • Wing Covers.


Unlike other 3d wooden puzzles for adults, the Dragon model has two ways of mounting. You can fasten it to the rigid stand, which is included in the kit, or hangs it on strings. It is worth noting that neither method of attachment limits the mobility of the model. This is a great treasure box, like all UGears 3d puzzles, for your family and friends!