Good Vibrations

As a lady of hygiene and sophistication, I’m always on the lookout for the next best beauty product and today while I strolled through the razor isle at the local drug store, I was literally stimulated by what I found- the Gillette Venus® Vibrance, a women’s vibrating razor. First thought… what a great two for one deal! But as I studied over this hybrid razor I came to discover the purpose of the vibrations is to exfoliate the dull, dry skin while you shave your legs; ensuring the smoothest, silkiest legs possible after shaving. In addition to these soapy-sensations, the razor blade itself comes with 3 moisturizing strips- all this for only $11.99. Gillette Venus® prides itself on its catchy slogan to draw in women, Reveal the goddess in you®. The Vibrance urges me to believe Aphrodite must be behind this secretly sultry merchandise. So what else can this lady of hygiene and sophistication do with my shower-safe, Duracell® AAA battery operated razor? Thanks for saving me another purchase Gillette®! (Source:

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