Ever Run Out Of Things To Say?

I can honestly say this does not happen to me often.  I bet you could've guessed this, right?  But I'll venture out and say that I've found myself at a loss for words in my life and this idea is kinda cute to get things rolling again.

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A set of cards with different themes you can buy, according to your plans to go out, that will give you cues on what to ask and how to keep the conversation going.  Table Topics offers you a chance to ask questions that you don't even think up!  How cool is that?

Use these cards as coasters or place them randomly around a big table when you have guests over and see what fun conversation comes up.  I hope they put a disclaimer on the cards, because you know how some conversations can turn into heated debates...

With separate choices like the Original Table Topics, Teen, Girls Night Out, Spirit, Book Club, Couples and a Family version, you can custom choose the topics you want to discuss according to your needs.  Just don't mistakenly bring the Book Club cards to the Family outing...or maybe that could be a good conversation?

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