Microsoft releases Arc Mouse

miceI'm not a huge fan of fancy mice unless they help people avoid carpal tunnel. Crunchgear says Microsoft will be releasing the Arc Mouse later this month in three beautiful colors:  Eggplant, Frost, Deep Olive, and Marine. You could probably guess which one is which. What's special about this mouse is that it is light, and compact. Here's what Crunchgear's editors say about it:

As you can see, the Arc Mouse is so called because it makes a little arc, only coming into contact at the front and back. I think this reduces friction in general, and it saves weight as well, but it also increases the pressure on the two points of contact it does have. This means it requires a light touch, but no major modification of my mousing style was required to use it.

You'll soon be able to find this great mouse for about $50. Check out CG's review for a more indepth look at this curious mouse.

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