Parents Can Use ComputerTime

If you have children, you will understand the many faceted issues that arise when trying to organize how much time or how little time you will allow your child to be online.  I have looked at many options for limiting the time on the computer for my own children.  I was recently pointed to a new upgraded system as an option.


ComputerTime has been upgraded and released for parents that work during the day or just need extra help in monitoring their childrens online time.  SoftwareTime has released this product and with a 14 day trial, there's no risk.

ComputerTime offers you many options now including upgraded notices (bubbles that warn your child of timeframes ending) at 15, 10, 5 and 1 min. remaining, admin. password, new away feature that allows the screensaver to engage, tokens as awards for your child and much more.  I am pretty good about monitoring my children but I think if I were a mom that had to work outside the home, it would be much harder.

This program seems to take the amount of time our children spend on the computer seriously and allows flexibility but also limitations.  I like this idea and when I return home from vacation, I plan on putting it to use in my home.

Visit the main site for details and a free trial.

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