Selk Bags updates ye olde sleeping bag

selbagFor those of you who love the great outdoors, a sleeping bag is definitely a must have item. Unfortunately, sleeping in one of them isn't exactly the most comfortable feeling in the world, as you might feel all warm and cozy but are bereft of any freedom of movement. The Selk Bags are here to make a difference - being the zaniest sleeping bags ever invented. It is actually a sleeping bag that you can wear, which allows you to get up and move around without leaving the comfort and warmth of the sleeping bag itself! This works great, allowing you to waddle around at night even if the mercury falls to a ridiculous -8.4 degrees C outside.

Each Selk Bag comes with an integral hood and both ends of your arms can be unzipped in case you need a greater amount of agility with the help of your fingers. The suit lining is made from soft-touch nylon and comes padded with a Polyester Hollow Fibre Bonded filling. Choose from a couple of colors and sizes, with the price set at a concrete £89.95 for either.

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  1. Jonathan Field 26 September, 2007 at 16:54

    That’s pretty clever — I remember many nights camping where my wife and I would dread wiggling out of our bags in the morning. From a fashion perspective it may not be the biggest hit, but when you’re out in nature, something’s got to give 🙂

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