Texas Instruments go pink with scientific calculators

pink-calculatorCalculators - o how I hated them with all my heart back at grade school! Things got even worse when certain mathematical problems could only be solved with the assistance of a scientific calculator, and that was just about the time when my brains started oozing out from every imaginable orifice on my head. Perhaps if I had Halo decals on my calculator back then, things would be different and my love for differentiation would have increased exponentially. If you're wondering what to pick up for that nerdy sister of yours who has her nose buried in a book constantly this Christmas, why not consider this ghastly pink calculator?

Also known as the Texas Instruments 84PLSE Graphing Calculator, this pink device comes with USB input, XY-line plots and 1.5MB of flash memory with a recommended retail price of $109.99. While it might not come with a magic button to solve just about any problem, at the very least this female-centric color will soothe frayed nerves during an examination.

Source: Shiny Shiny

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  1. New Mommy, Esq. 21 September, 2007 at 07:20

    Unlike a lot of girls, I loved math and my graphing calculator. I still have my HP 48G from 12 years ago. I keep it partly for nostalgia and partly because whipping out a graphing calculator that I know how to use is a lot more impressive than a simple 4 function with sticky buttons. And one look at this new pink TI has me all giddy with excitement. Just think how much more fun girls can have in trig and calculus classes with something pretty and functional. Way to go TI. I think I know where my fun money is going this month!

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