Venzero LINQ mini could do better

venzero-linq-miniVenzero is one of the lesser known players when it comes to the world of PMPs and MP3 devices, but what they have on offer are actually pretty decent when you sit down and go past the prejudiced view that anything less than an Apple iPod (of any variety) would not do. For those who are not too susceptible to marketing ploys will find that the Venzero LINQ mini does have merit points of its own. This diminutive WiFi capable player can stream Internet radio stations, so you don't always have to rely on your collection of MP3 and WMA files.

While I'm glad the Venzero LINQ mini comes with a screen of sorts unlike the iPod Shuffle, it is but a monochrome display at 128 x 64 resolution to show off all but the bare essentials. Battery life is rated at 20 hours per charge for continuous playback, while 1GB of memory doesn't really give you much room when it comes to musical variety. The $99 price tag would be fine a few years ago, but in this day at age I would've expected more.

Source: DAPreview

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