Skullcandy: Headsets We All Need

127900162 6cd985aecf Have you ever been listening to you iPod, when all of a sudden your phone rings? You then have to take off your head phones and answer your phone. This is sort of annoying, but it is even more annoying if you are using a hands-free set on your phone. Not only do you have to take off your iPod headphones, you have to put on your phone headset and answer the phone before the call is dropped. That is really annoying.

These headphones brought to you by SkullCandy
relieve this annoyance by integrating the two. With a touch of a button
you can switch between iPod and cellular phone. The headset has a built
in microphone and comes in your choice of an ear bud format or behind
the ear style headphones. An interesting feature about this headset is
that you can still listen to your music while taking on your phone.
This is an amazing feature for when you are on the phone with a friend
who likes to gab almost endlessly. [SkullCandy]

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