A1Pro keyboard does away with number pad

a1_pro_keyboardHow many of us today cannot do without the number pad found on any decent, self-respecting keyboard? I believe there are very few of us who work in an office environment (especially those dealing with tons of figures on a daily basis) would be able to do so, but strangely enough A1Pro decided to release a full QWERTY keyboard that ditches the numeric pad. In place is a handwriting pad that is presumably used to draw basic images and for handwriting recognition, although that baffles me when you have a fine array of keys to put into writing your thoughts at a much faster rate. Alternatively, this section of hardware could be used to enter foreign letter, but that remains to be seen.

Well, I find this design slightly disconcerting as it isn't as flexible as a full tablet, and the amount of space makes it pretty difficult to get any writing inside. What about southpaws who have to suffer the indignation of pressing the PgUp, PgDn and End keys while trying to write something down? The A1Pro keyboard retails for $25.48 if you're interested in picking one up.

Source: SCI FI Tech

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