Motorola's Linux Powered Phone

Although Motorola has had Linux smartphones on their list of products for some time, so far, they have been more popular in Asian circles.  Now they have a model E6 that is targeted to users that need multimedia functions.

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Motorola has a slight comparison in design to the black RAZR but this ROKR E6 is slightly longer but very thin.  Coming in at 111mm x 51.5mm (4.4" x 2"), you can see the comparison.  How thin is it?  The thickness is only 14.5mm (.6") so you can see it's easily stored away.

This phone includes an SD slot and 3 keys that are dedicated to music playback and options.  A nice cyan blue backlight (similar, once again, to the RAZR) yet it's not popular for finding keys by touch.

This phone does include a touch screen on the front and that will be a feature many look for in future phones.  A stylus and USB port for data and power is included on the bottom and the standard 3.5mm stereo headphone jack is located at the top.

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