Moonbeam Clock wakes you up with light

moonbeam-clockWhile certain folks have trouble nodding off, there are others among us who find it difficult to open those eyelids in the morning no matter how much sleep we get. I suppose this has something to do with the body's internal clock, but instead of subjecting yourself to a rude awakening every morning with a blaring alarm, why not consider placing the Moonbeam Clock beside your bed? Available via L.L. Bean's Christmas magazine (talk about being early to the party), this alarm clock uses illuminating light to wake a person up the natural way.

It does beg the question though - there are other alarm clocks that use a soft and gentle light to wake people up as well, and these claim to simulate natural sunlight in your room. Is there any stark contrast between moonlight and the rays of our sun? I suppose as long as it is a light of some soft, it doesn't really matter. The Moonbeam Clock retails for $39.50 and comes with the ultra-important snooze feature, a fully lighted dial, and battery backup.

Product Page via Popgadget

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