Sony VAIOs Get A Maya Hayuk Makeover

Sony VAIO Graphic Splash Editions have seen many makeovers, but most of them have been pretty boring up until now. Maya Hayuk whose style is described as "classic rock punk folk rainbow peace freak out" has added a touch of psychedelic 60's wild child vibe to the latest FZ series incarnation.  Her two designs called "Grow" and "Never Stop" couldn't be any different, yet they reflect her versatility as an artist. Grow seems a wee bit more toned down with flowy vines that wrap around the back of the screen, while Never Stop is all out psychedelic. Only a few hundred will be produced, which makes it a more desirable series for art collectors. The notebooks are packed with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Blu-Ray burners, Windows Vista, NVIDIA graphics card, built-in camera, Wi-Fi, and 200GB of storage. They start at $2,500, but can you really put a price on art?  You can find them over at

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