Haute Skins from HP

HP is reaching out to the younger generation with a new hip campaign called the "Computer is Personal Again". I'm sure you've seen the awesome celebrity laden HP commercials starring big celebs like Gwen Steffani, Petra Nemcova and Serena Williams. More recently, HP and MTV joined together to sponsor a Global Design Competition inviting young artists to duke it out graphically for a chance to have their design adorn a special limited edition HP Notebook. You can find more details at www.mtv-tama.com.

Skin sales of a trendy limited edition collection created by designers Vladimar Kagan , Naeem Khan, and Cath Kidston will benefit the Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids organization. Each skin costs $60 each, and only 500 will be sold on their online store. The colorful skins can be affixed to notebooks, cameras, MP3 players, printers, phones and even monitors even if they're not made by HP. The skins are below, as displayed last week during an event at Fashion Week. Ph_skins_2

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