Wii Dazzle Colorful gives Wii a new look

wii-dazzle-colorfulIt is pretty unfortunate that the Nintendo Wii comes in just one color - pearl white, and this is definitely in stark contrast when compared to its portable relative, the Nintendo DS Lite that has already chalked up more colors, variants, and special editions than the number of fingers and thumbs I possess. Short of going through a meticulous spray paint job yourself, why not take the safer route of changing the color of your Wii with the Wii Dazzle Colorful from GT Coupe? It is essentially a transparent plastic shell that fits over the exterior of your Wii, instantly adding a layer of color without worrying about spraying paint into the drive slot or other orifices.

Of course, the colored plastic shell isn't the only thing that you get with each $30 purchase. The kit also comprises of a vertical stand with an integrated fan and blue LED illumination for that added 'cool' factor.

Source: Technabob

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