Toast Messenger makes its mark


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this Toast Messenger certainly gets the message across. For families who are just too busy, you can always use the toast messenger to leave a message with other members of the family who have yet to sit down at the dining table. All you need to do is scribble your intended message on the board located right above the Toast Messenger, insert a slice of bread, and choose the toasting level and you're good to go. Once the bread turns to toast, it will also feature an inscribed message of whatever you have written down beforehand.

Designed by Sasha Tseng, this is but a concept at the moment. It would definitely be nice to see it appear as a real product in kitchens all over the country though. Stuff like "Take out the garbage", "Clean up the basement", and even "Stop playing golf and start spending more time with the kids!" will seem lower on the Nagging Scale since it comes in a more playful tone instead.

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