Luxe Pack cosmetic set concept design


Ladies love their cosmetic set, and that is just me putting it mildly. The Luxe Pack cosmetic set will definitely move huge numbers in terms of sales when you think about it - the unique design alone is guaranteed to set tongues wagging and purses opening, where the retailer will then hear the sweet, sweet sound of cash rolling in. Unfortunately for most, this is but a concept design by Fernando Robert as this point in time, but let us forget about that for a while and imagine on the "What Ifs" that arise from the Luxe Pack.

It boasts a powder compact with a mirror complete with an applicator, while you also get a matching lipstick container to boot. The mirror, powder housing, and applicator make up the special 'Y' shape, and the final design comprises of two separate shells that hold the inner components. These halves will be able to swivel out by way of a center spindle, exposing the cosmetics. Would you pick up this device for your girlfriend or wife if it rolls off the production line?

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