Laser Top doesn't zap stuff


While the Laser Top might sound rather ominous in nature, it is but a child's toy that has been given an updated, modern treatment to keep up with the times. It is actually a pretty cool plastic top that shows off its true colors in the dark. Whenever you spin it in the dark, it will emit a cascade of colors all over the top while projecting a red circle all around. Definitely something that will amuse the drunk at any frat party. In addition, you get Harold Faltermeyer “classic” Axel F to go along with the Laser Top as it does it's thing all over the table (or floor, depending on which surface you first unleashed it).

The tune from this Laser Top gets repetitive and old easily, so you might want to go easy with it. Probably the younger kids will have a much more fun time with it as they tend not to mind repetitious music - how else could they bear listening to the Barney theme song over and over again without cringing? The Laser Top retails for $5.95 each.

Source: Technabob

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