Are women less likely than men to choose an all-in-one gadget?

We got this question from a reporter in New Jersey who writes a techie column. We are still kicking around the idea here in the office, with a 50/50 opinion divide. So we would love to hear from you, tell us what you think "Are women less likely than men to choose an all-in-one gadget?", if you have a strong opinion leave us a comment, if not could you please answer our poll? Pretty pleasseeee...

"Here's my (totally unscientific, completely speculative) premise for a column for this week: That women are much less likely than men to choose an all-in-one gadget that combines cell phone, PDA, Blackberry (I'm trialing the new Blackberry 8700c which runs on Cingular's network). The reason is 'cause us gals don't mind carrying several gizmos and we like accessories...and maybe we don't trust a do-it-all device quite as much. Guys like the idea because unless they carry a briefcase (or a man bag or wear a utility belt) they have to stick all these things in their pocket.
My question to any or all of you - is my premise totally out to lunch,plausible, right on the money????? What do you think?"


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    Gina Hughes 20 November, 2005 at 00:21

    I personally loathe carrying all my gadgets inside my purse. I live in constant fear of loosing my bag, so replacing one gadet would ease the blow. I’d rather not have 3-4 gadgets getting all banged up in there either.

    Technology improves everyday, so I would rather upgrade one gadget vs four. I am more environmentally conscious these days when it comes to technology, so the less gadgets I buy, the less I contribute to the growing recycling issues. That goes for anything I purchase.

  2. Lauren M 16 November, 2005 at 20:18

    That’s total crap! I LOVE gadgets and the appeal of most of what I buy is the all-in-one factor. I have a ux50 sony clie, a sony PSP, and a Nokia 6682. And aren’t women the ones who usually juggle home and work which takes lots of organizational skills. If you can get more than one thing done at once it’s like heaven! All-in-one gradgets rule and I think women know that.

  3. denise 16 November, 2005 at 10:08

    I do think women are far more likely to carry multiple gadgets, since most of us carry a purse. Guys more often are carrying a bag with their techno gear, but it still isn’t second nature to them.
    At the moment in my purse is a treo 650, witha ref leather case by sena case; A Palm life drive in a red leather case from bellagio; a 60gb video ipod, in old case for a 3g ipod, because the new cases are just shipping this week. A motorolo blue tooth headset, and because I’m on call this week. (I’m an application support specialist) a blackberry 7210. Why so many devices, the treo doesen’t have enough memory and I have at least 30 or more palm appls. (I don’t deal in paper unless absolutely neseccary). So I bought the life drive for more room. I’ve never liked either device as an mp3 player and since every album I own is on the ipod, I couldn’t afford that many SD cards.

  4. Matilda444 14 November, 2005 at 17:12

    I’ll let you know. Last week I was using a Dell AximX51v and Motorola Razr. This week I’m using a Treo 650. Next week it will be an IPAQ 6515.

  5. Nortis 14 November, 2005 at 15:06

    The whole idea that this question has anything to do with gender or sexes are totally absurd! The choice depends on the personality of the person and the design of the gadget not the gender at all. To bind this personality to genders would be a horrible way of generalizing people.

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