Sand & Birch unveils Diamond Sofa

diamond-sofaNow this is definitely a piece of home furniture that is worth talking about - the Diamond Sofa from Sand & Birch boasts a truly unique design, but ironically unlike its name suggests, there is not a single diamond to be gleaned from in the first place. Instead, you get 160 Swarovski crystals (looks like these crystals seem to be adorning every single item these days, be they cellphones, iPods, DS Lites, PSPs, and other electronics) that form a pattern which ends up decorating the wide strip. The entire Diamond Sofa was carved out of reflective aluminum, and it also displays a LED or fluorescent lamp as well.

The purpose of this Diamond Sofa is twofold - not only does it give off more energy into your home in terms of aesthetics, it also doubles up as a seating object that surely takes up less space. No idea on whether this is comfortable though - I think most people would get a La-z-boy instead if they want to just slouch in a comfortable setting after a long day at work. Rest assured the Diamond Sofa won't be cheap though, since only a century of these will be made.

Source: Born Rich

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