iRing controls both iPod and iPhone


Looks like it is pretty trendy to include the letter "i" in front of any gadget if it were to move in terms of sales these days. Check out the iRing concept that hooks up with, yep, you've guessed it - the iPod and the iPhone. What does this concept device do? For starters, this wireless device communicates with either your iPod or iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to gain full control over playback and volume levels of both Apple media devices. The presence of a bright OLED status display makes it pleasant to look at, while the touch sensitive function strip makes the entire user experience a snap.

The rechargeable battery is capable of lasting up to 2 days' worth of use before it requires more juice. This is definitely not something you would want to propose to your girlfriend with (even if she's a really big Apple fan), although it does look great on anyone's finger. Choose from black or white colors should the iRing ever make it to the production line. Kudos to Victor Soto for coming up with this concept.

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