Light up your room with a shirt

lamp-shirtMost lamps at home are the same - or are they? This A-Go-Go Shirt Table Lamp from Amazon is definitely something different, and you won't be able to pick it up from just any electrical store. Coming in the shape of an immaculately pressed collared shirt that one would wear proudly to the office, it is made of lightweight vinyl material and comes complete with black buttons to make the design all the more realistic. The A-Go-Go Shirt Table Lamp stands at 10.5" tall and features an On/Off switch, an in line cord switch, and lights up your room with an included 40 watt incandescent B type bulb.

Choose from blue, green, white, orange, and yellow colors - basically whatever you need to help spruce up the rather dreary environment at home. I'd be more careful with having something as attention grabbing as this in my house in the presence of children, as their inquisitive fingers tend to result in disaster. At $47.99 a pop, the A-Go-Go Shirt Table Lamp isn't exactly the cheapest you can pick up from anywhere.

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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