Wireless Security Kit for greater peace of mind

wireless-security-kitIf you're a lady who's loving the single life, it is imperative that you get some form of protection from would-be attackers and stalkers, especially after you've had a wild Saturday night out and have to go home alone, unescorted. Granted, while some men might not be up to the task, having someone beside you will definitely make you feel safer as you navigate the dark, unlighted streets at night. This Wireless Security Kit comes in handy to provide you with a certain degree of peace of mind, featuring a Personal Security Alarm that emits a loud, banshee-rivaling 120dB of sound while emitting flashes of light to draw attention (and hopefully, help) in the process. It is powered by a quartet of LR44 batteries.

In addition, this kit also features both a Door Stop Alarm and a Magnetic Window Alarm that share the same ear piercing sound as the Personal Security Alarm when triggered. Great to prevent unwanted guests from snooping around your room if you're sharing a flat with somebody else, and it also alerts you and your neighbors should some idiot try to make his way into your home through a window. The entire Wireless Security Kit retails for $19.95 which is a pretty good deal IMHO.

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