DUO-CARE wristtop monitor

duo-careLooks like diabetes patients seem to be benefiting more and more from well thought out products that don't look unwieldy unlike the ones of yore. The latest of such devices include the DUO-CARE that is actually a portable device strapped to the wrist that can measure your glucose levels in addition to blood pressure. With the ability to track the levels of either from the comfort of your own home (or virtually anywhere you are at the moment), you no longer need to make trips to a local clinic or the home of someone else who has such a device.

According to Amy Tenderich at Diabetes Mine, "...those stay-at-home older patients might find this handy if not a bit too space-age for them. In case you're wondering, blood pressure is measured using the wrist cuff, while you do have to follow the usual procedure -- insert a test strip and bleed on it -- to get your BG results. Just because you wear it on your wrist doesn't mean it's non-invasive." Sorry folks, just like real life, there are no avoiding pricks when it comes to measuring your blood glucose levels.

Product Page via Medgadget

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