C'Élégance Adds Chic To Your Cell

Img_1009 C'Élégance (pronounced cell-egance) is jewelry for your cell phone.  I think we've all outgrown the Paris Hilton "bling" by now but still want a certain unique chic to our mobiles and C'Élégance provides just that.

C'Élégance is unique jewelry that you attach to your cell phone. Our jewelry allows you to personalize your phone so you don't accidentally grab the wrong phone. C'Élégance also offers you the chance to make your phone a part of your fashion statement - not detract from your outfit.

C'Élégance offers 3 different styles Celegant, Celect and Celebrity all of which have the options of extra add-on charms.

For more info and company catalogue, please check out www.celegance.com.

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