Speaker Chair concept serenades you


Designer Pinju Chen must have certainly enjoyed lounging about on his own lazy chair back home with an audio system nearby playing back some soul soothing tunes after a hard day at work. This could be one of the explanations as to how he conjured up the idea of the Speaker Chair that is capable of generating some strong bass tones right from the bottom. Other than acting as a speaker, the Speaker Chair also boasts an integrated CD player, which means you now only need to run one instead of two cables (which is the power) from a nearby power outlet.

It would be great to see this concept hit the market, as it makes a great candidate for any bachelor pad. I believe gamers will definitely fall in love with the softness of the chair that is married to some tubthumpin' bass right from the bottom. Audio input jacks on the left side lets you enjoy tunes from your iPod directly for maximum listening pleasure.

Source: Ubergizmo

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