Many tentacled USB hub

alien-usb-hubNo, the aliens have not landed nor have they escaped from Area 51. What you see here is actually a USB hub that resulted from designer Oro-Ito's imagination. I must admit, this is one of the best looking USB hubs that I have laid my eyes upon so far - most of the other USB hubs available come in a boring square or rectangle design that are meant to be functional without trying to be more. The white bulb-like base contains not only a quartet of high speed USB 2.0 ports , it also boasts two FireWire ports as well.

Each purchase comes with a bundle of cable covers for just about every likely connection configuration. In addition, you get a mini USB fan and light to help your keep your cool working through the wee hours of the night while your colleagues bail out by spouting some lame excuse to your boss. While most functional USB hubs are pretty affordable and rarely venture beyond the $30 price point, this one costs a whopping $95. I suppose art has a higher intrinsic value than most people would like to admit.

Product Page via Sci Fi Tech

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