Sunrise serenades you into action

sunrise-serenadeWaking up in the mornings can be quite a chore, especially for those who are not morning people. What makes this act even harder is the incessant din that an alarm clock blares, rudely jolting you awake. What if there was a clock that goes back to nature by gently nudging you out of bed? The Sunrise Serenade is yet another simulated sunrise clock in the market, but at least there were attempts to make it look like the star in our solar system by coming in a translucent orb that looks as though the sun is slowly but surely rising above the horizon.

Of course, if you have that all important job interview, I strongly suggest you stick to the standard "rude awakening" alarm clock - after all, there are times where you simply cover your eyes with a pillow to continue your slumber despite having Mr. Sunshine flood the entire room. That normally happens after a rough night out at a local watering hole. Still, for those who are interested in the Sunrise Serenade alarm clock can pick it up for a rather hefty $150.

Source: Crave

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  1. -eric nieudan 15 August, 2007 at 00:51

    I have been using a very similar (with less buttons) model for over a year now. It has a buzz/beep alarm that rings after “sunrise” so that you don’t miss that important meeting in the morning 😉

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