Google goes Wireless

If you're a resident of the Mountain View, California area, you're in luck. Today Google launched their free wireless Internet service. Actually slated to commence in September, the company which is synonymous with searching on the Internet, finished their testing ahead of time and decided to launch the product ahead of schedule.

The service is completely free to the 72,000 residents of Mountain View and is not supported via ads. It covers the 12 square mile radius of the town and is comprised of some 380 access points.

Google Wifi

Speeds have been reported at 1Mbps and Google is hoping that their product will convince many residents to drop their DSL & Cable offerings.

If you're not in Mountain View don't despair, though Google doesn't have a plan to offer this service wide-scale across the US, they've teamed up with Earthlink for a more ambitious project, that of providing wireless Internet service to the San Francisco area.

The San Francisco service will be a little different from the one now available in Mountain View in that it will be tiered w/ a free service w/ speeds up to 300 Kbps supported by ads the higher bandwidth 1 Mbps service will be a non-add based subscription service.


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