Fabric clock warps fashion into time

fabric-clockMost desktop alarm clocks are just that, looking plain and boring. After all, you wouldn't really put too much thought into how a tiny timekeeping device would look like in the big scheme of things, would you? For the rest who feel otherwise, there is the Fabric Clock that is actually a fabulously designed desktop alarm clock decked within walnut wood veneer and stainless steel.

It is fully customizable, where the fabric screen was specially designed to be removed and replaced by virtually any other material that suits the overall color theme in your home. This means you can always recycle your unwanted curtains or bed sheet by reserving a small piece for the Fabric Clock. A total of three fabric swatches has been included in the box to get you started. The Fabric Clock measures 210mm x 105mm x 150mm and will be available for retail pretty soon. No word on pricing details though. 

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