Serious Gamers Take Note

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If you spend hours sitting in front of your computer playing online games, this rig will certainly impress you.  Not only does it look nice for that purpose, but also gives a hint of future work environments.

With uber-storage space, a relaxing and cozy seat to sit in and everything you need at your fingertips, this Battle-Rig Pro has the design to make you drool.  Color combinations to match your decor. help you choose the best rig for you while the design also allows you to integrate your speaker system and enjoy surround sound quality while still keeping your wires and cables hidden from view.

You can order the Battle-Rig Pro without the included seat as well and customize it to your own specifications.  It looks, from the site, that they currently deliver to Germany, Austria and Switzerland primarily but they allow on-site pickup as well so you're not completely left out if you reside elsewhere.

The site has a link to the upcoming Office-Rig and I look forward to seeing that launch as well.

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  1. Jonathan Field 18 October, 2007 at 11:30

    Is it wrong that when I saw that I was excited because I thought it might roll onto it’s back or front, allowing the user to use the computer while laying down?

    I admit, sometimes I’d like to just be able to lay down and have the computer somehow hovering in easily usable range 🙂

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