Rudimentary But It Worked

I'm not crazy about the design of this site but the offerings are FREE and I proved it to be so before doing this review.  I found the site via a PR email and the ePOSTIT site didn't impress me as much as their actual service.  I found the site easy to figure out so that's important.

I decided to test the site.  They offer FREE mailouts (limited to personal use) to anyone, anywhere, from your computer.  Basically, you can send a card to your grandmother that does not have a computer...instead of sending an email.  You format the card IN email and they format it to fit into a card.  They used high-grade stock paper with a brightness to it.

You can add photos, graphics or any other kind of addition and they also invite you, as a business, to use their services but that account comes at a cost.  The photo option is great for camera phone users that are out of the country or state and want to send a copy to someone that does not have email.

I got the card as promised, within the 3-4 day period that any post office would deliver.  It was indeed on beautiful stock paper with a bright colored ink graphic.  I used a fancy font that they did not use but they did stay true to the graphic I chose.  Upon getting the card, my daughter opened it and enjoyed the fact that she got "real mail".

There was a message on the back stating where the card was created but it was tastefully placed and not very large.  The personalization was expertly done and I enjoyed seeing her eyes brighten as she saw the envelope, addressed to her, in the mailbox. 

If you're looking to try a service out or use it on a weekly basis to send out cards, this is an option for you.  The cards are not factory made, they are printed via computer...but it's the thought that counts, right?

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  1. Prince 19 March, 2007 at 18:26

    Indeed very useful information. I tried it couple of times now & I am ready to say that free as well as paid service is very reliable, non-expensive & fast service.

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