Knomo updates Fall line


It is interesting to note that laptop bags these days tend to take on a life of their own, and are released in the same manner as fashion items that feature spring, summer, fall, and winter collections. I suppose plonking your laptop into an ordinary backpack just won't make the cut anymore these days. Anyhows, I am not complaining since who would prefer a plain old black bag compared to an aesthetically pleasing laptop bag? Knomo has come up with its latest range of stylish and professional looking laptop bags in time for fall, and it looks set to please any business woman toting her MacBook Pro around.

Of course, if you are not part of the Mac frat, this laptop bag also fits in most 14" as well as a minority of 15" laptops. Some might even go so far as to argue that this laptop case is more of a sleeve due to its unprecedented thinness and lightness. The entire Knomo laptop case is handcrafted from full hide leather and nylon twill quilting, featuring a retractable leather carry handle. They retail for £55.00 and will be available in several colors including red, black, tan and cinder.

Source: Chip Chick

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