Shower with your iPod

Isplash_1 You wish you could take your iPod everywhere, but until now you have been afraid to take it with you to the shower or the pool. Maybe you want to listen to your 'soothing' playlist while taking your bubble bath, ala Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (remember her lip syncing to Prince?). iSplash is the new way to wirelessly transmit your favorite tunes from your MP3 player or satellite radio to a splash proof speaker. It has a rotating speaker handle that you can hang from a shower head, curtain rod or outdoor fence. Or you can listen to Desperate Housewives while being up to 150 feet away. The 900MHz dual-frequency PPL transmitter with ZipConnect will send audio from your iPod to up to four additional speakers, so every one can enjoy your cool tunes. Price: $129 at Sharper Image

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