iPod Shuffle small in size, big in price


So everyone and their dog has an iPod, or so it seems. While others try to stand out from the crowd by forking out $150 for the ColorWare enhanced iPhone, why not put that group to shame with your iPod Shuffle? Yes, this is no typo - and I'm talking about the humble iPod Shuffle. What makes this so special is the color that it comes in, which has long been a favorite with monarchs and the wealthy throughout the tapestry of time. This is a gold iPod Shuffle, people, and it is available to those who have deep pockets courtesy of Xexoo from Germany.

Made out of 18 carat gold, this iPod Shuffle will definitely be out of reach for the average wage earner since it costs a whopping 14,000 Euros - that's the rough equivalent of $19,343 to those who are living across the pond. Should a gold exterior be inadequate for your exquisite taste, there is always the option to throw in additional diamonds in the near future. Each customer who picks this up will get round-the-clock customer service, and should your Shuffle experience any problem whatsoever, they'll send you a replacement.

Product Page via Web Squirrel

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