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Top New Music Videos to Watch

Music videos play a crucial role in helping bands build their fan base. They also serve as visual accompaniments for songs in order to create a mood or add to a story. Today, artists are able to produce music videos at a much higher quality than ever before. There are now thousands of new music videos uploaded every single day.

To find out which of these music videos made the most waves, check out our vintage playlist for real money online casinos. From fun music videos featuring musicians from around the globe to viral clips, these music videos are guaranteed to inspire you.

Michael Jackson - Thriller

The first music video that we will be looking at is “Thriller”, which was released back in 1981. The song and its accompanying music video were the first time that an artist had been presented on MTV. This was definitely a bold move considering there wasn’t really any other channels showing music videos at this point. It would only take another ten years until MTV started airing music videos on a regular basis.

Radiohead - Karma Police

One of the highlights of their album was the song “Karma Police”. This song became one of the band’s biggest hits to date, partly due to how well received it was. Not only did the song become well-known but the associated music video helped too.

Kanye West - Runaway

One of Kanye West’s earlier works was the music video for his hit song "Runaway". Although the song itself remains popular today, the video has seen more success. In fact, some people have used the clip as inspiration when they've written their own lyrics.

Kendrick Lamar - Humble Music video

The last track of Kendrick Lamar's long awaited sophomore studio album To Pimp A Butterfly was ‘Humble’. The song, though not as successful as many others off the album, did receive praise. However, what turned heads was the music video that accompanied the song. It featured cameos by Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg, amongst many others. The final scene features Kim Kardashian in a bunny costume.


These are just a few examples of great music videos that didn't quite make it into the list because of space constraints. We tried to cover as many good ones as possible without missing out on the best. Hopefully, these videos inspired you to explore further and watch more of them or play casino games at https://www.casinosdeutschland.com.de/ . Some of these videos can even be added to your playlist if the mood strikes while listening when gaming, gambling online, or just chilling at home.