Thank a Soldier this Valentines!

3763 Valentine's Day Tip #13:
Thank a Soldier, Marine, Seaman, or Airman !

We found this interesting Legend on The Good Saint Valentine. According to this legend, married men did not make good soldiers so the Emperor ordered any priest that that would marry a young couple, be put to death. St Valentine disobeyed this order, and died in a dungeon on February 14. 

We thought this story, although a bit somber, was appropriate for today's Valentine's Countdown.  The reality is that many people have scarified their lives so others could enjoy many freedoms, including the freedom to love and marry. 

This Valentine's Day, think about the service members that are away in Iraq or the ones that have lost their lives as a sacrifice. We found a story on a young soldier, Michael J Smith (Wolfmoon98) who lost his life last month, and left a young widow, family and friends. It is a very sad story, and many people like him are dying everyday in this War or leaving their loved ones behind to go to War.

So this Valentine's Day, we encourage you to do a search on the Internet, and find a way to send someone a little something, whether it's a card, a magazine, a video game, or a care package, let them know how much you appreciate them  for protecting our country.

I served the Marine Corps from 1996-2000, and believe me, it's very exciting to receive goodies in the mail, especially when you are away from home. You can contact USO Cares, and sponsor a care package with a donation of $25. And to those reading this entry, who are currently serving or have served our nation: Thank you for your Sacrifice! Happy Valentine's Day! Our prayers are with all of you!

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