Hello Kitty to the rescue...for real


I personally think that Hello Kitty is either a love it or hate it affair, and there are ample supporters on either camps with no room available for fence sitters. I, for one, remain in the latter group as I still can't see what the big deal is about with this pale faced feline that needs to get her face out in the sun more often. Still, that hasn't stopped the Japanese from producing even more Hello Kitty merchandise by the day, and we have here the Hello Kitty Hand Crank Generator to keep you company in an emergency.

There are the basic emergency functions built inside this Hand Crank Generator, including a tiny port on the side that welcomes a 9V battery whenever you're tired of turning the crank round and round. A non-electronic compass ensures you won't lose your bearings, while an LED flashlight provides ample light should the power grid fail you. An AM/FM radio keeps you on top of things, which is essential especially during a disaster, while an emergency alarm helps attract the attention of rescuers. To think that this is meant for use under dire circumstances, I sure hope it is constructed of something more sturdy than cheap plastic.

Source: Popgadget

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