Cellphone proxy actually a stungun

stungun-cellphoneThe Cellphone Stun Gun that you see on the left cannot make or receive calls, but it does deliver a pretty shocking message to the person on the other end! Looking like an ordinary cellphone that was released a few years ago, this special stun gun is powered by a trio of CR123A batteries and comes with a safety switch that prevents you from accidentally shocking yourself into submission.

The Cellphone Stun Gun gives your assailant some loving by discharging a pretty impressive 800,000 volts that ought to be more than enough to buy you time to get away from the situation or rally some help. If you're thinking that this makes for a more effective weapon when compared to the humble pepper spray, you can always pick one up for $59.99. Additional CR123A batteries can be purchased for $6.99 each. Laws in different states might prevent you from owning one, so do make sure you do your homework before purchasing one.

Source: Slashgear

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