Cupcake Speakers for the ladies


While ladies have used computers for as long as men, you'll find that more often than not the designs of computers as well as its plethora of accessories skew towards the male demographic more than the female population. These include boring, square lines in a package that comes in either black, silver, or white colors. They reflect a cold look in any room, and definitely won't win any points with the Happy Room Academy in Animal Crossing. Now check out this pair of speakers - in fact, they would probably look good enough to eat at first glance to any hungry office worker who has been overworked and underpaid. Ladies ought to fall head over heels with these adorable speakers.

Coming in the shape of cupcakes, these speakers offer no frosted heart-shaped sugary sweetness but good old bass and treble instead. They can be plugged into any compatible media player or computer, functioning as your average compact stereo speakers. These cupcake speakers will most probably make their way across retail store shelves over the next few months at a yet undisclosed price.

Source: Technabob

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