Speakers now come in fine china


Fine porcelain is better known as china, and everyone often breaks out the finest china in the house whenever there is an esteemed guest staying over for a meal. It seems that china isn't only good as an eating utensil, but it can be fashioned into a pair of speakers to decorate your desktop. Designed by famous Japanese designer Noboru Kawamura, this China Speakers are said to produce a warm, tender sound which cannot be replicated by wood or plastic enclosures.

Each of these square-shaped speakers measure 5" x 5" x 6", and that's just about all the information available at this point in time. There is no word on performance figures, but you surely can't expect these to be used at parties, do you? One thing's for sure though - little Johnny had better learn to kick the football outside coz breaking a pair of these will cost him around $392 in allowances!

Source: Luxury Launches

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