iPhone skins to the fore


Since sales of the iPhone took off phenomenally since its release despite a fair share of negative reviews (the user experience the main thing that is currently pushing the iPhone across the country despite some major flaws in the hardware such as battery issues), it makes perfect sense to brace ourselves for a slew of iPhone skins for those who want to personalize their latest communications device. SkinIt has certainly seized the initiative by coming up with a wide variety of vinyl skins for your selection.

The range of choices is astounding - you can pick from Dance Dance Revolution to different flags of the world, never mind that the iPhone is currently available only in the US. Each of these skins will set you back by $14.95, chump change considering how you've already dropped $600 for the phone itself. Another good thing of having skinned your iPhone is you prevent pesky fingerprints from appearing all over.

Source: Chip Chick

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