MusicPal brings music to your living room wirelessly

musicpalHaving a HiFi set in your home is so 80s, and with the advent of MP3 players and the like, it is more common to see iPod speaker docks or other equivalents lining up on the home entertainment shelf in your pad instead. Radio is also old hat by now, with more and more people jumping onto the online radio bandwagon instead. Freecom has unveiled its latest creation to cater for those Internet radio enthusiasts, and the MusicPal looks set to be a winner. It is capable of streaming audio not only from a computer or network over a wireless LAN connection, but plays back Internet radio directly without the need for a computer. It takes just seconds to install, and with support for 5,000 over Internet radio stations, you won't run out of interesting listening material anytime soon.

In addition, its screen is capable of displaying live RSS feeds and blog feeds for those who're always on the lookout for the latest news. Just like most other HiFi sets, there is an alarm clock function to get you out of bed with your favorite DJ on air. A pair of built-in speakers and a wireless LAN antenna rounds off the list of features. The MusicPal is currently available for pre-order at 129 Euros a pop, appearing on retail shelves only when August rolls around.

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