Cingular 8525 Windows-based

The smartphone market has been booming with many options but one that stands out is the Cingular 8525 which features quad-band, Windows Mobile 5, an excellent touch screen with full QWERTY keyboard for IMs and E-mails and much more.

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Coming in at just over 6 oz., the Cingular 8525 might have a bit more bulk to it than other options but it seems to be well worth the trade-out because of the extra features it boasts.

The device supports the HSDPA 3G protocol which increases the speed of your data transfers and it has a 1.3MP camera on board.  Video, Xpress Mail account access, a scroll wheel and navigational button, stylus options and much more will make this a convenient choice.  Visit the main Cingular site for details on pricing and availability.

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