Nomadic Lamp for portable light


Here's one lamp that will definitely spruce up any living room. The Nomadic Lamp, designed by Dorota Kulawik, is a revolution in living room lighting. Taking a spherical shape that looks pretty similar to a glazed donut, the Nomadic Lamp can be carried around wherever you go for an impromptu light source. When docked, you get a lovely desk lamp that gives ample lighting to let you read your book or continue with your work in a relaxed environment. The dock itself can hold up to three Nomadic Lamps at once, keeping the internal batteries charged when not in use.

Each Nomadic Lamp features two different levels of brightness to suit its current use as ambient lighting or a source point. Since you can remove it and carry it wherever you go, going down to the basement is no longer such a scary thought, and you don't even need to carry a torch anymore. A full charge affords up to 10 hours of lighting before it is placed back in the dock. The Nomadic Lamp sadly remains a concept at point of writing, hopefully the design will be realized and we get to see these at donut shops throughout the country.

Product Page via Ubergizmo

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