Trend Setter, Shoplifting?

You can call this fashion or you can call it a statement.  I think it's either going to draw attention to yourself (possibly negative) or make people laugh.  I tend to wear shirts with statements on them and I enjoy the jokes and comments that come from that.  I'm sure this bag would give you the same opportunities.

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Take it to the mall and see if you get stopped or watched extra close maybe...or just carry it and keep your chin up, hoping nobody assumes you are seriously a shoplifter.  I guess you can say it would be one way to keep yourself original and not a 'part of the crowd'.

Comes in a large size so you can stuff all your goodies in it and it's $35 so you don't need to shoplift it.  There is also a medium size if you feel you might not need to 'lift' too much.  It's made of cotton/canvas and looks sturdy enough for all your stuff.

Here's a link to the large version if you're yearning to order it quick.

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