Belkin unveils Washable Mouse

washable-mouseMost of us often treat our new gadgets with the utmost care during the first few weeks of its life, but all the concern is thrown out of the window the moment it receives the first knock, scratch, or other calamity. This is when we start feeling non-nonchalant about it (God forbid the same attitude applies to your iPhone), using our gravy stained fingers to manipulate the mouse while seated in front of the monitor. Just take a pause from work and check out the state of your 1 year old mouse - isn't it dirty beyond recognition, a far cry from its pristine days before it was unboxed? Belkin has a solution in the form of its Washable Mouse.

This washable peripheral offers 1,200 dpi resolution, ensuring you get pinpoint precision with your spreadsheets and word processors. Of course, the scroll wheel has also been upgraded to provide both vertical and horizontal scrolling. Now you no longer have to panic the next time a clumsy colleague of yours spills coffee all over your mouse. The Belkin Washable Mouse will ship late this August for $29.99 a pop.

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