Old Stuff, New Stuff?

Do you have a huge collection of CD's, DVD's, books, videogames, and other stuff you're ready to part with?  Are you always in the market for new music, movies, books to read, games to play and other items?

Then this site is for you!  Visit Zunafish to see the many possiblities you have when searching for new things while ready to get rid of your own.  They are self-described as "fun, simple, and dirt cheap" so don't hesitate to join up and trade off your old CD for a new one...or a few of your unwatched movies that someone else would treasure for that favorite movie you keep forgetting to buy when you're out.


It's quite easy and explained well on the site.  You begin by finding the items you want to trade off.  Then, do a search for the stuff you REALLY want.  Trade offers will be sent to you so that you can look over them and decide which one's meet your needs.  There is a "My Zunafish" homepage offered to make your trades easier to view and manage.  Once you decide, the site provides you with an easy mailing label and all the instructions for mailing your item in trade for the item you want.  You can browse categories now without even joining to see if the items you're interested in are listed.

How hard is that?  It's cheap, easy to use, and helps you declutter your collection while adding the good things you really want and will use more often to it.  You are only allowed to trade one like item for another so it's an even system.

CD for CD

No membership fees on this site, so why are you still here?  Go trade!

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