This Mouse Trap is not for rodents

belkin-mouse-trapDon't get the wrong idea - this Belkin Mouse Trap is not meant to snap and crush the neck of those pesky rodents. Instead, it is a portable bag that zips itself up, keeping its contents within safe and sound from nicks and scratches. The Belkin Mouse Trap is used to transport your mouse as well as other peripherals, especially those that go along with your laptop. For instance, it is the ideal item to house your mouse, USB flash drive, Bluetooth dongle, and perhaps even a charger or two.

That is not its only function though, as the Belkin Mouse Trap is capable of doubling up as a portable mouse pad. All you need to do is open and flatten it, and you're good to go. It's flexible nature makes it easy to use it from your bed to the couch as well as different places around the house. The Belkin Mouse Trap is now available for $12.99 a pop, with a release in Asia, Europe and Australia to follow in due time.

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